incredibly late response OMG YES HI. Your Philip cosplay was awesome, I’m so excited that you’re planning another.

I’m not sure how helpful this picture is but hopefully you can see things more clearly? >w>

Could you please let me know when you might be opened for commissions again?

SOON. I know it’s been a while >w> I’m currently reworking my commissions page so that the whole process will be easier and I can do more. BUT YES very soon.

Hey guys! I’m gonna be at Northwest Fan Fest this weekend \o/

I’ll be with TEAM JUSTICE members Nanshii and Alice at that circled table up there. If any of you are going, drop by our table to say hi :D

Would u mind if someone used your recent art of aot as an icon?

Nope, I don’t mind!

I DID IT i finally finished drawing all of them omg. 

I’m thinking of making these stickers or keychains or something but that would require effort :T

oops i kind of went on unannounced hiatus for a month ahaha

but uh yeah! transparent titan-slaying kids for your blog~

Commissions from this round~
plus a few from before because I haven’t been posting them for some reason :T

Top two are for teuthowenia
Middle two are isanah's characters
Bottom two are kceyagi's characters